Advocate Means

1. A person (as an attorney) who argues and works to advocate for the cause of another most notably in court.

2: Any person or group of people who defends or maintains the cause or proposes a consumer advocate

An advocate is a person who works in the field of law. The Advocate, The Advocates, or Advocate may also be used to refer to:

Advocacy is the act of one or more people who seeks to influence the decisions of social, economic, and social institutions.

Advocacy consists of publications and events to influence the public’s policy, laws, and budgets through the use of facts, their relationships, the media, and communications to inform government officials and the general public.

Advocacy can include many activities that an individual or organization can engage in, like media campaigns such as public speaking, commissioning as well as publishing studies. Lobbying (often by lobbyists) is a kind of advocacy, where an explicit contact is made to legislators concerning a particular issue or specific piece of legislation.

Advocates are professionals in the field of law. Different countries’ legal systems use the term with different definitions. The broad meaning in many English laws-based jurisdictions could be either a solicitor or barrister. However, in Scottish, Manx Law (the law of the Isle of Man)

Advocacy is an activity by one or more people who is designed to influence decisions in political, economic, and social institutions.

Advocacy includes activities and publications to influence the public’s policy, laws, and budgets using data, their relationships, media and the use of messaging to educate government officials and the general public.

Advocacy could refer to a range of tasks which an individual or a group is involved in, such as media-related campaigns including public speaking, commissioning, and publishing research.

Lobbying (often by lobbyists) is a kind of advocacy where an explicit request is made to legislators on the subject matter or aspect of legislation.

Definition of Advocate

1: one who defends or promotes a cause, or plan as an advocate for the liberal arts in education.

2. One who supports or supports the interests of a cause or group

A consumer advocate

an advocator for female health

He has paid a lot of attention to the growing movement of homeschooling by meeting with its advocates and endorsing their causes.

Elizabeth Drew

3. one who is able to plead for the reason for another

specifically: one who pleading for another’s cause before either a tribunal or judicial court.

Definition of Advocate

(a) To support or argue for (a cause (a policy, cause, etc.). ) In other words, to advocate for

They argued for a return to traditional methods of teaching.

A group that supports vegetarianism

intransitive verb

As an advocate, you must act as the advocate for someone or something

… the tradition of advocating for freedom of all people and the equality for all …

— Fred Kuhr

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